Professional hygiene service

Spider Cleaning is a professional hygiene service which applies the European standards and norms in its work and follows the global trends in the field. It provides services to clients all over the Republic of Macedonia.

The service employs a team specially trained for machine and hand cleaning, using the latest methods and innovations in the area of cleaning techniques and application of new cleaning products, work tools and the latest models of machines for interior and exterior cleaning.

The products used in the cleaning process are intended for professional hygiene and are manufactured by renowned manufacturers approved by the Institute for Health Protection of the Republic of Macedonia.

The carefully selected team always searches for the most adequate methods and solutions for impeccable and highly professional cleaning and tries to meet the clients` demands in the shortest time possible using the best cleaning products required for each individual surface (marble, laminate, wood flooring, aluminum, granite, sanitary facilities, glass, façade) from the renowned manufacturers Ecolab and Unger.

What makes us different form the other commercial hygiene services is the innovation of new products and machines always available for our clients and used to the limits of perfection.

Find out why professionalism is our trademark…