Height work activity Service for hygiene

Height work activity


Service for hygiene



Improper use of climbing and work at height equipment and non-compliance with the safety at work procedures may lead to injuries and death. Please read the instructions for use the equipment carefully and follow the rules and regulations for safety during work at height!


Spider Group is a company founded in 2007 and provides a wide range of services in the area of professional hygiene and work at height, including:

Professional hygiene:

  • cleaning and maintenance of office buildings
  • cleaning and maintenance of floor surfaces
  • general cleaning of buildings
  • regular maintenance of office buildings
  • cleaning at high-risk locations (generators, transformers, chimneys)
  • cleaning of refineries, petrol stations and gas stations
  • cleaning of public institutions
  • cleaning of restaurants, hotels and residences
  • cleaning of accessible and inaccessible glass surfaces
  • cleaning in compliance with the HACCP standards

Work at height:

  • cleaning of glass surfaces (accessible and inaccessible)
  • putting up advertising banners
  • exterior decoration on buildings
  • repair of drain pipes and roof structures (all types of sheet metal)
  • installation of transmitters and repair of repeaters
  • painting of transmitters
  • installation of optic cables at inaccessible locations
  • erecting safety fences on motorways
  • training of staff for work at height
  • setting up work at height safety systems



The company prides itself with its professional team, trained in line with the European standards and norms, which contributes to the constant increase in the number of satisfied clients.

The hygiene sector employs specially trained staff for interior and exterior cleaning using the latest cleaning machines and tools and cleaning products from renowned manufacturers approved by the Institute for Health Protection.

The work at height is performed with safety systems for work at height and equipment from renowned manufacturers by professionally trained staff with 15 years of experience in this line of work.

The Group also features the Rock Climbing Club “Spider”, managed by a highly experienced team, which participates in training professionals for performing various height tasks (advertisements, base stations, transmitters, building decoration, etc.), as well as participation in national and international competitions.

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