Height work activity

“Spider Rope Access” performs all types of work at height with professionally trained staff and specialized equipment for this type of work.

The specialized “Spider Rope Access” team has a 15-year experience in different low-risk and high-risk activities at great heights with all team members having undergone a work-at-height training course.

“Spider Rope Access” takes special care that precaution measures are in place from the very beginning of the intervention, starting from the planning stage, the installation of the safety systems, during the entire process and up to the final activities and the safe descent of the workers.

All activities are performed by highly experienced workers for this type of work at height with strict compliance with the rules and regulations in order to ensure maximum safety and reduce any potential risk of injury.

The movement at height (horizontal and vertical) is additionally secured by safety systems set up by appropriately certified persons in order to increase the level of safety of workers during the performance of their tasks.

The work at height equipment used is supplied from renowned European manufacturers, tested and with uniformed work certificates.

The carabiners and the additional equipment are tested and certified and made of non-sparking metal. They can be used at high-risk locations such as cisterns, fuel tanks, chimneys, refineries, factories, etc. They have a bearing capacity of 3-4 tons.

The harnesses used for work have 5 fixed spots for safety and meet the European and international norms and standards. They are suitable for any type of work at height, including rescuing people from high-risk locations.

The ropes used for lowering workers offer double protection (static and dynamic) and have a bearing capacity of 3 tons. The width of the ropes is 9 to 11 mm. In specific situations, additional steel cables, cranes and lifts, both for people and materials are used.

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